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Another attempt to humanize Nusrah Front as more moderate than ISIS

I just don’t get it – do the NYT and others understand what they are doing when they strive so hard to make Nusra front seem ok?

“…While the Nusra Front does not openly call for attacks on the West, it remains loyal to Mr. Zawahri, whose clout among jihadists has waned with the rise of the Islamic State…”

Just google and you will find nice headlines like:

Al-Qaida faction in Syria contemplating US attack, intelligence officials warn

Senate hears Nusra Front has ‘aspirations for attacks on the homeland’ amid concern over civil war’s terrorism implications

— I am sure a few minutes of checking arabic sources or even MEMRI will yield the “open call” that the reporter didn’t check for apparently.




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September 22, 2014 at 1:29 am

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