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“Strange bedfellows” idea becoming more extreme by the day : Ted Cruz accused of Hezbollah sympathies by Likudist DC lobby

It is supremely rich the situation that is developing and every day giving new meaning to the hackneyed “strange bedfellows argument”: The Likudist lobby in DC which always loved the hard right republicans for the most part, is tonight angry at Sen Ted Cruz because he is sharing the stage with Aounists  and christians – who are alligned with hezbollah in many cases.

The Maronite Patriarch is especially singled out.

How can Cruz reconcile in his brain that the christians which he says he wants to protect in the mideast are largely in a politically symbiotic and in some cases direct alliance with hezbollah?

It is quite a pickle – but then again in Lebanon as I wrote for ECFR.EU, the US intel community is in a symbiotic relationship with Hezbollah itself for the first time ever…Here is the hit job:


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September 11, 2014 at 5:20 am

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