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Uh-Oh: Saudi-French arms “deal” for Lebanese Army may have the old problem afterall…Israeli-US redlines

We will see of course whether the SAME thing happens to the LAF that has happened since 2005…. real weapons that can shift the qualitative military edge between the LAF and Hizbullah and sunni terror groups – but that also necessarily shifts the QME between the LAF and the IDF – are just NOT GOING TO BE FORTHCOMING… We will see.

Ambassador Hale needs to make a much stronger argument now than amb. Feltaman did in 2005-2008 period to the Israelis directly: the situation has changed, the israelis admit that, the LAF is the best bet….reduce the redlines.

This is in Israel and Lebanon and the US’s interests…. He needs to make that argument directly NOW.


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September 4, 2014 at 8:46 pm

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