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No Ambassador Hale: Rifles and some anti-tank weapons are not good enough

Ambassador Hale put out a strident press release today that said:

“To those who say American assistance to the Army is not sophisticated enough, my answer is: go ask a soldier in Arsal, or at Rayak, or at the HQ in Yarze, or at the countless other places where the Army works to keep all Lebanese safe and secure.  The answer you will get from that soldier is that he needs exactly what we are providing today and in the weeks to come.”

— He may remember the losses the LAF and the Palestinians of Nahr al-Bared suffered because of the antiquated weapons that the LAF was given…. how the LAF dropped bombs BY HAND WWI style…. and how the “redline” meant helos that were delivered had their rockets stripped before delivery!

— No Mr. Ambassador – with the US WEAPONS THAT IS was able to get, you cannot make a credible argument that the announcement today changes much of anything.

— Why make this argument when you and your staff KNOW that it just does not pass the smell test with most Lebanese including our allies! It is just bad PR and public diplomacy.




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August 29, 2014 at 5:25 pm

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