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Jihadist Leader, recently released in Jordan, openly coordinating fighting in Russia, Syria

Staunch US and European ally Jordan released this major jihadist leader and now apparently its cool to coordinate the international jihadist fronts, especially in Russia and Syria.

So its not surprising that matters are apparently heading quickly for a wide open blow back that many of us have been talking about for years – and the central role in creating all of this will be the militerazation of the arab spring that was first sponsored by NATO in Libya then by the West and its monarchy allies in the gulf in syria. These are the original fields for how the arab revolts turned into the spiral mess of violence, contradiction and wide open warfare that the region and, soon one thinks, beyond faces.


Jordanian jihadist cleric Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi has urged insurgents in Russia’s North Caucasus to support and obey their new leader Aliaskhab Kebekov (aka Abu Mukhammad).

“We call on our brothers in the Caucasus to gather around their new leader, help him, obey him and do not disobey him,” al-Maqdisi said in a video address posted on YouTube and embedded on North Caucasus jihadist websites Kavkaz-Tsentr and Islamdin on 4 August. (

Al-Maqdisi was speaking in Arabic with Russian subtitles. The seven-minute and 22-second video is entitled in Russian “Sheikh Al-Makdisiy’s address to the mojahedin of the Caucasus. Shaaban/1435 [June 2014]”.

“Indeed, we are now suffering due to discord in the fields of jihad and due to disobedience of mojahedin leaders caused by personal opinions, personal passions and faulty doubts. I call on mojahedin brothers in the Caucasus to unite around their leader, obey him, and shun disagreements and anything which leads to discord,” he said.

Al-Maqdisi thanked Aliaskhab Kebekov for sending his people to fight government forces in Syria.

“We were very glad that despite the weight of jihad and despite difficulties facing mojahedin in the Caucasus, he did not forget Muslim brothers in Syria and sent them some of the best mojahedin from the Caucasus. He sent people from his groups and they took part in jihad in the best possible way. They were a model of whole-hearted bravery and selflessness. They also were a model of moderate position and lack of extremes and excessiveness. We indeed need this in jihad, especially as disagreements emerged in the fields of jihad and voices of excessiveness started to appear… We thank our brother amir [Kebekov] for this and we thank all the Caucasus mojahedin for taking part in jihad in Sham [Syria],” Al-Maqdisi said.

He urged the Caucasus insurgents to be patient.

“We and the mojahedin in the Caucasus know that the road is long and difficult and that jihad in the Caucasus has its difficulties. Especially now when battlefields expanded and support to the Caucasus decreased and many are busy fighting in other battlefields. We know that the road is difficult, that the situation of the mojahedin in the Caucasus is one of the most difficult. Therefore, we urge them to be firm and patient, and unite around their leaders,” he said.

Al-Maqdisi also voiced his condolences over the death of Kebekov’s predecessor Dokka Umarov, whose death was officially confirmed by insurgents on 18 March 2014.


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