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NYTs reports on Assad’s 2011 release of violent jihadists but not the release NOW of perhaps more significant jihadist by US ally Jordan

The new york times recently had a piece alerting readers to Assad’s release in 2011 of a number of violent jihadists… trying to suggest that Bashar is partially to blame for ISIS’s sweep, which is not very helpful in understanding the wide trend that has been gathering steam and which can only minimally be related to the 2011  prison release (which of course was cynical, evil etc. when pressed as per the baath party logic). The Gulf angle which is obviously far more important and interesting is left out of course.

BUT more significantly, the NYT totally omits the release LAST WEEK – not three years ago – OF Makdassi – the most important theorists of violent jihadism the world over (arguably).

Read Al-Monitor on this. I have no analysis of WHY jordan chose the WORST time for such a release…. but the NYT’s glaring blind spots as always just make it clear how unuseful the NYT is for analysis purposes of events themselves.



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June 23, 2014 at 8:43 pm

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