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The STL may have made (yet another) major error: The Journo trial

Ibrahim is apparently going to contest the STL-intiated charges. In an attempt to exercise its purview and perhaps crackdown on what it perceives (with much merit indeed, surely) as damaging or illegal practices by journos – IN LEBANON ONLY and among its critics only! – someone with very little political sense decided it was a good idea to drag Ibramin and Jadeed into the eight year STL mess.

I think a safe prediction is this: by dragging these folks in, the STL is giving them an EXCELLENT platform – nay, an ideal platform.. a wonderful european platform – to raise all of the many problems, illegalities (possibly, at certain points…) and stupidities engaged in or surrounding the STL.

Instead of casting the net wider and examining ALL or most of the journo mal-practices, including IN THE WEST ITSELF (der spiegel! CBC! etc etc……Mustaqbal!) – NOT TO MENTION ITS OWN MALPRACTICES – the STL is going after two enemies ONLY.

— A simple question – why NO investigation of der spiegel or CBC leaks that are YEARS OLD?… and that is just the surface for those of us who have closely followed this case for 8 years.

So prima facie this new effort by the STL  does not pass muster for any neutral cause of international justice – and certainly not “the highest standards of…” – since it is ONLY going after its two enemies….

BUT more importantly: the STL has just handed its enemies and critics – and some of the most perceptive ones at that! – a truly excellent forum to effectively investigate, discover and further degrade the STL itself!

Really – the STL from its inception needed not more lawyers or Bush folks with axes to grind – it needed a moderate and centrist POLITICAL leader to guide its pursuit of truly internal justice and navigate the minefield of mid-east/arab-israeli theatres of conflict.

The stl never had an effective POLITICAL guide along these lines. Sure it had some smart partisans and some great jurists…. but these guys would never be able to get the job done in this PARTICULAR – and in this FIRST EVER – type of trial. I know that IHL folks or IL folks will say that there should not have been a political wilayet e-faqih…. They are wrong.

Get ready for more embarrassment and more information coming out damaging to the STL – they opened yet another flood gate… like so many times in the past!


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May 23, 2014 at 2:10 pm

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