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Remember: The EU’s lifting of the oil-ban in syria allowed violent jihadists to profit…WILDLY PROFIT

Surely this will go down as one of the seminal “blow-back” no brainers in the coming years especially when/if there is a n attack on US-EU soil by qaeda/nusra front etc.

These wonderful folks are making in just one small area 10 million dollars per day…. all legal given the EU’s lifting fo the ban on oil sales from syria via turkey for the rebels.


On April 16, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily carried the following report: “The struggle between the “jihadist” factions and their tribes allied to them over the oil wells and the major resources is still the main event taking place in Deir al-Zor. ISIL achieved progress by seizing the town of Al-Sour. Meanwhile, an attack carried out by An-Nusra front against the town of Ghabagheb failed…

“In this context, a local source from the tribe of Okeidat told As-Safir that the value of the oil that is being sold on a daily basis in Deir al-Zor amounts to ten million dollars. Most of this money goes to An-Nusra front and the Islamic Front in addition to some other allied factions that are mostly formed on a clear tribal basis. ISIL’s eagerness to return to Deir al-Zor is probably due to this group’s desire to obtain a piece of the oil cake that it lost two and a half months ago after being expelled from the city.

“ISIL achieved yesterday a tangible progress that might allow it to start trading the oil soon especially after seizing control of Al-Sour in the northern part of Deir al-Zor’s countryside… These developments came following massive battles between An-Nusra and ISIL that extended for several days and saw the use of all kinds of weapons including tanks and artillery… A local source told As-Safir that Al-Sour saw a massive phenomenon of displacement when the battles became too heavy.

“ISIL’s control over the city of Al-Sour means that it will be able close the road connecting Deir al-Zor to Al-Rekka. This will prevent An-Nusra from carrying out its latest threats of sending hoards of fighters to regain control over Al-Rekka. This will also block the road leading to the Turkish borders, which will affect the oil smuggling knowing that Turkey represents the preferred destination for the smuggled oil in light of the cover granted by the Turkish government to the oil smuggling operations across the borders. The Turkish government benefitted from the decision of the EU to allow the purchasing of oil from the Syrian opposition knowing that the An-Nusra Front is actually controlling the oil trade rather than the Syrian National Coalition…”


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April 16, 2014 at 11:39 pm

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