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Syria said to be conducting population census in bid to turn 1m refugees in Jordan into permanent problem for Jordan

From our Daily Briefing today.

On March 21, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its Amman office Chief Bassam Bdareen: “The announcement by the Jordanian Arab Army yesterday on Thursday of its implementation of the rules of military engagement with the vehicles of smugglers on the Syrian border and the destruction of one of the vehicles in full, sets the foundations once again for the field discourse adopted by the Jordanian military institution, as it is trying to protect the border with Syria both ways, due to the absence of the Syrian regular army on the other side. According to the statement of an official military source, the two cars that tried to infiltrate the Jordanian border did not abide by the order to stop. A fire exchange occurred and the Jordanian army used the appropriate force and implemented the rules of engagement, thus destroying one car and seizing the other.

“Hundreds of weapons and drugs were found in the two cars, and the border guard did what it had to do and transferred the entire case to the authorities responsible for handling smuggling cases. At the same time, the interior minister was announcing before the Commissioner for Refugee Affairs that the Syrian border had become a heavy burden on the Jordanians, and was affecting their infrastructure, along with the water, health and education sectors… All these incidents and developments are reproducing the crisis on the Jordanian-Syrian border, while it is believed that the game of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime succeeded in distancing it from the border posts with Jordan and in rendering the border incidents a purely “Jordanian problem,” a thing to which Al-Assad had hinted while receiving Palestinian leader Abbas Zaki.

“According to Jordanian analysts and followers, Al-Assad has decided to “punish” Jordan for its cooperative political position with the Saudi program upon the eruption of the Syrian revolution, by completely abandoning the border area near Daraa, thus allowing the escalation of the developments in it to become a problem either threatening Jordan, or keeping it busy. Jordanian Communications Minister Muhammad Moumani said to Al-Quds al-Arabi on many occasions that his country’s main concern was to keep the Syrian crisis within its border, while reminding that the Jordanian army was protecting the border in both directions, thus preventing any infiltrations into Syria and struggling – according to Minister Majali – to prevent any infiltration from the Syrian side. This Jordanian involvement in the border details is a strategy by the Syrian regime to keep Jordan on the edge…

“But the Jordanian government does not wish to recognize this plan’s success in confusing the Jordanian security and administrative bodies, knowing that the plan became complete when the regime in Damascus suddenly decided to conduct a population count a few weeks ago. This step, and the calls on the Syrians to update their civil status data – in the presence of no less than a million Syrians in Jordan – paves the way before the stay of hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the neighboring states. This was said by a Jordanian official who criticized his country because it did not argue with such an administrative decision that was maliciously taken by Bashar al-Assad, especially since governments do not conduct a population count and update their citizens’ civil status documents in times of war…”


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March 21, 2014 at 5:38 pm

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