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Ambassador Hale heads to…Saudi Arabia… to discuss cabinet….in Lebanon/Returned prisoners from ISIL on wide European role

The US ambassador is publicly touting a trip to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to intervene on the cabinet formation in… lebanon.

I am excited to know when I get back next month who is now running public diplomacy affairs at the US embassy… Does this make sense to draw attention to this very strange role for a US ambassador in Lebanon? I mean beyond the obvious problem of the entire Saudi role in Syria and Lebanon…. and the US position etc etc.


“Ambassador David Hale traveled to Saudi Arabia today to meet with government officials there.  Their discussions will focus on enhanced international support for Lebanon.”


Oh – and enjoy this – translated by MIDEASTWIRE.COM. A prisoner recently escaped from on ISIL prisoner explains that “MOST” of the ISIL fighters did not speak arabic and … were from europe.



On January 20, the Qatari-funded Al-Jazeera TV carried an interview with Abu-Safiyah al-Yamani by anchor Khadijah Bin-Qinnah: “[Bin-Qinnah] You are welcome, Abu-Safiyah al-Yamani. You had been held captive by the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant for about 70 days. You have had a firsthand experience with them and their methods. You have stayed with them all that period while in captivity. What can you tell us about the ISIL fighters’ methods of action and combat?

“[Bin-Qinnah] Were you tortured?

“[Al-Yamani] Yes, everyone was tortured. Some were tortured with electric shocks. I have never seen in my life electric shocks that cause holes in the body except by those people.

“[Bin-Qinnah] But why? Did not they tell you why?

“[Al-Yamani] Some were told why; others were not told. For example, when they interrogated me, they asked me both reasonable and unreasonable questions. When the security men interrogated me…

“[Bin-Qinnah] Like what?

“[Al-Yamani] There was nothing specific. There was nothing indicative to know what charges were made against me. Some people were faced with clear and direct charges, while others were not faced with charges. For example, two women were held in a solitary cell in the same prison with us. The cell was 160 by 90 centimeters. They were accused of being agents. One of the two women was hung for 13 hours.

“[Bin-Qinnah] Agents for whom?

“[Al-Yamani] For one of the revolutionary groups present inside and outside Aleppo. That woman was hung for 13 hours and tortured. The other woman said she was put in a tire and was hung, but not for long. So I could not understand what mentality allows putting two women in men’s cells.

“[Bin-Qinnah] Were they Arab nationals?

“[Al-Yamani] They were two Syrian Arab women, from Aleppo.

“[Bin-Qinnah] No, I mean the ISIL fighters who detained you.

“[Al-Yamani] Most of them did not speak Arabic. Most of them were foreigners, from Europe…”


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