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The venerable New Yorker: So venerable, but not when it came to Dexter Filkins reporting on Hizbullah

Angry Arab has this link about why Hersh was forced to publish outside his normal channels…

Seymour Hersh on Syria

…Hersh wrote that “there was little interest” for the story at The New Yorker.
A New Yorker spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
…[Washington Post] Executive Editor Marty Baron decided “that the sourcing in the article did not meet the Post’s standards.” (thanks Regan)
The story is here:

I found this particularly hilarious given the story that Dexter Filkins – award winning D. Filkins no less – was able to get through in February via the New Yorker.

I wrote about it then, below…. one of the worst pieces I had seen in eight years in Lebanon – and there have been some real bad ones.

I think what made his story so incredible, so depressing really, was precisely that the New Yorker let it fly when the errors, omissions, questions of plagiarism, source duping/invention etc were all so glaring.

Who is doing their PhD on the syria war coverage, please?

Dexter Filkins and the New Yorker: Was his story fact checked? Why is his anon source “Dany” saying the same damaging things, at the same time, as “Dani” in David Enders piece at McClatchy Newspapers?


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