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Is this story in Al-Masry al-Yawm correct or information operations?

Please let us know! Sounds a bit like the Hezbollah “sources” who say the worst things about the party… yet this lady is named…?

On November 24, the independent Al-Masry al-Yawm newspaper carried the following interview with newly-appointed Hamas spokeswoman Isra al-Modallal:

“…Q: “How do you perceive your experience as the first spokeswoman for Hamas ?

A: “I am not the first woman in Hamas’s government. There is a Ministry for Women’s Affairs, many employees and activists. But there is no doubt that for a woman to assume this post is a very positive step by Hamas’s government. To me, journalistic work in Gaza was dangerous and insecure. Therefore, my move from one difficult profession to a more difficult one was not odd at all, especially since I am a mother, divorced and a Palestinian refugee suffering like the rest [of the Palestinians]…

Q: “This shows you are aware of how difficult it will be to change Hamas’s image in the West as a terrorist movement. How will you do that?

A: “I am a Palestinian refugee with a cause. My life is an inherent part of the Palestinian people’s lives. I represent Palestinian women. Does my face show I am a terrorist? And do you think that when Hamas defends its people, this is an act of terrorism?… International Law gives us the right to defend ourselves, while Israel, the number one criminal, is trying to strip us of that right…

Q: “Is it not odd that you were chosen although you do not belong to Hamas?

A: “I do not belong to Hamas or any other political faction. I do not believe in parties but I respect all the Palestinian parties. I am a Palestinian refugee and my goal is to convey the Palestinian cause to the world.

Q: “Would you have accepted a similar position in the Ramallah government?

A: “I would have accepted it in a national unity government solely. And I will not add to that…

Q: “What do you think about the performance of Hamas’s government in Gaza?

A: “This performance can be judged from many angles, knowing that it has widely improved since the beginning after the Gaza government acquired experience… This government features few competencies and many individual mistakes were seen within the movement and the government in particular. I will not talk about the movement because it works in the opposition and calling fields. However, there are many sit-ins and protests on the Unknown Soldier Square which is similar to Tahrir Square. And a few days ago, the police suppressed a demonstration, which is unjustifiable. They always justify these acts by pointing to individual mistakes and this is not acceptable. Our people have many complaints in regard to freedom. Freedom is restricted in the Gaza Strip…

Q: “You grew up in Egypt. What do you think about the current situation, especially following June 30?

A: “I always say I wish I could live in Egypt, the platform of art, literature, music and life. It is truly the Mother of the world… I do not belong to any political party and I am not a member in the Muslim Brotherhood, but I strongly reject all the practices targeting them, as well as the violations, arrests, insults and harm. I hope the next stage will be better… I am against violence in Egypt, regardless of the side carrying it out. I visited Egypt under Morsi and there was no security, rather thuggery. I did not see one policeman and I personally was not pleased with Muhammad Morsi’s arrival to the presidency. Maybe the government in Gaza disagrees with me on that.

Q: “Why do you oppose Morsi’s presidency?

A: “Because it is very difficult for someone who was not in power to be brought in to become the head of the state…””

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