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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: US Embassy Beirut turns over… One Cessna Aircraft (OCA) to Lebanese Army; Amb Hale calls it “strong” and “effective” move;” Hizbullah and Sunni Jihadist groups announce mutual disbanding, UN Verification

Ambassador Hale was supposed to represent something of a different turn from the darth vader years of Maura Connely that saw her outmanned by no-name politicians from the Bekaa Valley:

Look – if you are going to turn over a CESSNA embarrassment fine. But please Mr. Hale no need to embellish and exaggerate – it only hurts your Public Diplomacy mission, cant you see the obvious?

Hand over the joke aircraft and DONT DO press availability or issue a release – especially not this kind of one, with this level of soaring rhetoric, which only makes most (I would surmise) lebanese dislike the US more – m14 because it shows AGAIN the US security cooperation is and will always remain a joke, anti-hizbullah people for the same reason and m8 people for the obvious reasons.

These guys at beirut embassy never learn the lessons of the past TEN YEARS.

Remarks by U.S. Ambassador David Hale during a Ceremony to Handover a Cessna Aircraft to the Lebanese Armed Forces

Good afternoon.  It is an honor to be here today as we handover this Cessna Aircraft to the Lebanese Armed Forces.  This transfer is a reflection of the strong cooperation between the United States and Lebanon, particularly in enhancing Lebanon’s security. Now more than ever, it is important to show the benefits of U.S.-Lebanese security cooperation.

For some years, the LAF has been rebuilding itself from the ground up.  All militaries have basic needs for standard equipment, and the United States has worked with the LAF to help meet those needs.  But the military-to-military partnership between the United States and Lebanon is multifaceted,  to include substantial training and equipment of increasing sophistication.

Today’s transfer of an advanced Cessna Aircraft reflects that progress and builds upon previous Cessna and Huey helicopter transfers.  These aircraft will help the LAF conduct effective border security missions and combat threats from extremist groups. 

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