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Khamene’i’s red lines vs. Obama’s red lines – a “Must Read” Al-Monitor article

Well it has finally come to this…. sadly since this situation of course could have been averted if the far far stronger power – the US – had forged a grand bargain with its far far weaker adversary – primarily syria in 2000 and of course iran in 2003… and Hizbullah in 2005



No matter: a great read in Al-Monitor.

This article sounds roughly correct in my view in assessing Hizbullah’s stance right now.

The problem – among many – is that even if US policymakers and the military “get it right” and somehow thread this very tight needle and fall within the safe zone of not provoking a massive escalation – as the article and may other sources now make clear is THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE – this is anything but a clean model context for testing out theories that depend on some many things to go exactly right!

The key point: There are simply too many actors on ALL side who want things to go wrong, push over boundaries etc.

This means that although in theory it is possible for a limited US strike to not entail escalation and regional war – and in theory it could offer some measure of deterrence while also exhausting the energies of the Resistance Axis to a degree that MAY pave the way towards a negotiated solution, especially if the US axis relaxes its position somewhat – this is just very very unlikely to work out!

When you have elements – strong elements – on all sides pushing for a clarifying war – Saudis of course, Gulfies (some), some in the Israeli establishment, some in Washington, some in turkey, many in Al-Qaeda, many in the FSA linked groups, some in Assad’s clique, some in Hizbullah, some in Iran…..and even possibly some in russia and china – well all of this means the chances of not opening the pandora’s box of a great war are slim at best.


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September 3, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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