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Hizbullah’s View: An Observation

I just returned to Tunis from Beirut where we met a variety of figures.

The Hizbullah officials and supporters we talked with (after ruweiss bombing but before the wmd events) reiterated what we have been told for more than two years: This is existential, there are significant enemies all around who want to destroy Hizbullah, Shiites and Resistance, not to mention Iran, Assad etc.

This is the climatic confrontation, now – Hizbullah proved in syria already that this is existential, that it is not a paper tiger and that it will not hesitate (as obama does) to go in deeply and violently.

Should the strike by the US-led groups really attempt to significantly alter the current balance of power, then the counter reaction will be equal or even more by the Resistance Axis, especially in terms of its destabilizing effect (considered from a US interests point of view).

There is the possibility that a PR-type light strike could contain the response. But more than that – especially if it puts the Axis position in serious jeopardy – and we will likely be in a spiral escalation that will be very very hard to stop in this particular context.

There is an alternative, vis a vis US policy…. more on this tomorrow!


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August 29, 2013 at 12:39 am

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