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Syrian TV talked about “chemical materials” raid one week before attack

For what it is worth… not much, as we seem set to go down the path of war. FROM BBC:
Syrian authorities seize chemical materials for explosive charges – state TV
Damascus Syrian Satellite Channel Television in Arabic at 1745 gmt on 13 August carries an announcer-read report saying that “in the Eastern al-Ghutah, concerned authorities in cooperation with citizens have seized a large workshop for manufacturing explosive charges. The workshop contained large quantities of explosive materials, state-of-the-art control devices, including French-made devices, in addition to British-made universal indicator paper.”

A three-minute video report prepared by Nadir Ahmad says that in the area of the Eastern al-Ghutah, concerned authorities found a large workshop for manufacturing explosive charges that are being detonated in safe areas “with the aim of killing people indiscriminately.”

The report adds that the workshop contained large quantities of chemical materials that are enough to manufacture several tons of explosive charges.

The report notes that among the chemical materials found in the workshop are Glycerin, which reacts in an explosive manner, antifreeze, sensitive scales, high quality French-made electronic controllers, Czech-made state-of-the-art measuring device made by Smart Energy, British-made universal indicator paper PH 1-14, Hexamine, Potassium nitrate, large quantities of iron filings, AC to control room temperature, control panel, hundreds of molds and metal forms to fill them with these materials for remote detonation.

The report goes on to say that in a different room of the workshop, a quantity of fertilizers used for manufacturing explosions, Potassium bicarbonate, and ammonia were found.

A group of electrical detonators, metal pipes, and finished products of improvised explosive devices were also found in the workshop.

Concluding, the report says that the authorities continue to find such “dens of killing, blowing the cover on several killing companies from Turkey and other countries.”

Source: Syrian TV satellite service, Damascus, in Arabic 1745 gmt 13 Aug 13


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