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Hizbullah stretched too thin? Watch the FPM-Hizbullah alliance

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On June 28, Imad Marmal wrote the following report in the independent As-Safir daily: “The relationship between Hezbollah and General Michel Aoun these days is going through of one the roughest and most sensitive patches… The present test facing the alliance between the two parties seems to be the most difficult one since the signing of the agreement document back on February 2006.

“Aoun had a different vision concerning Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian war… Then came the extension for the parliament’s term that served to expand the differences between Haret Hreik and Al-Rabiyeh. This was followed by the difference concerning the suggested term extension of General Jean Kahwaji, which served to consolidate the estrangement. This was clearly reflected by the latest positions issued by Aoun and Minister Gibran Bassil to the extent that the General did not hesitate to say that there is a certain tolerance level following which, one must “reconsider.”

“…For Hezbollah, the Syrian and regional events are so essential and the most important for the time being in a way that exceeds the importance of any domestic file. This explains the desire of the party to maintain the internal status-quo by extending the parliament’s and the army commander’s term pending the cooling off of the regional storm. But on the other hand, Aoun’s priority consists of his political battle, which does not admit any “special circumstances.” From Aoun’s point of view, nothing justifies the term extension of any institution… The General also has his own political calculations. Accepting the term extension of the parliament will lead to an automatic term extension for the army commander, which will lead to one of these two possibilities: the extension will either be applied to the term of President Michel Suleiman; or Kahwaji will have an advantage for reaching the post of president. Both possibilities are rejected by Al-Rabiyeh.

“The party is trying to absorb Aoun’s anger using the best “sponges” in its possession all the while realizing that the task is now harder than ever. And although the party does understand the General’s concerns, it doesn’t seem ready to condone them… Sources close to Hezbollah expressed their shock over the Aounist escalation since the party had already informed the General a long while ago about its decision to support Kahwaji’s term extension, which means that this is nothing new and the reaction of Al-Rabiyeh was not warranted.

“As the differences are piling up on the Al-Rabiyeh-Haret Hreik path, it seems that the famous agreement documents will be unable to cover all the aspects of the relationship between the two sides… This calls for an initiative to conduct a revision and to repair the alliance and fix the gaps as per the sources close to the party…”


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June 28, 2013 at 9:45 pm

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