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Did the Italian FM let slip info about war?

Interesting piece today translated by our


On June 26, the independent As-Safir daily carried the following report by Wassim Ibrahim: “If she keeps on speaking with so much grace, the old diplomat will be causing a growing confusion for the Europeans, mainly France and Britain, over the Syrian file. There are many interpretations but almost no statements to explain the delay and mystery surrounding Geneva 2, which is why the statement of the Italian Foreign Minister, Emma Bonino, seemed quite eye-catching.

“After concluding a meeting with her counterparts in Luxembourg yesterday, the Italian minister said that dealing with the Syrian matter can no longer bear any additional delay… Bonino alluded to “a source of pressure” and to “the hundreds of thousands or millions of Syrian refugees everywhere.” The above is just a normal thing to say. However, what she said after that opened at least a tiny hole in the black box of the international communications.

“Bonino said that the Syrian crisis has reached such a degree of seriousness to the extent that she is worried “we will have to delay the Geneva 2 Conference for an additional week, which is not good news.” The most indicative part was Bonino’s interpretation of this delay whereby she said in a confident tone: “I know very well that some countries in the region are considering a military solution. I’m sorry but I don’t think that this is a suitable or a sustainable solution.”

“The importance of the statement made by the head of the Italian diplomacy becomes even more highlighted when coupled with the fact that she was just coming from the meeting of the Friends of Syria, which was held last Saturday in Doha… This is one of the rare instances where one “Friend of Syria” said that the reason [for delaying Geneva 2] does not consist of Russia or the Syrian regime but rather because pro Syrian opposition countries “are considering war” as their best option.

“This means that these countries’ announcement about their “support” for Geneva is worthless… Bonino jokingly said in Luxembourg that she is “old enough” to know what the war means. She further considered that “wars can always be fought and this seems quite easy. However, a war is painful.” She added: “The main problem will consist in launching the process of a sustainable transfer afterwards. This is something we’ve experienced in several countries and this is hard to achieve…””


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June 26, 2013 at 11:53 pm

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