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Middle East Politics Conference in Tunis June 15 & 16, Featuring International Crisis Group

Middle East Politics Conference in Tunis June 15 & 16, Featuring International Crisis Group

OVERVIEW: Join and the Tunis Dauphine Institute on June 15 & 16 in Tunis for the beginning of this Summer’s Arabic and Politics Exchange featuring the International Crisis Group’s Middle East and North Africa staff.

During the opening weekend, participants will engage in consecutive sessions led by more than a dozen ICG analysts and senior staff, covering the topics that ICG regularly analyses in MENA through its policy reports, commentary and alerts.

ICG country experts will be led by Robert Malley, the director of MENA programs.

COSTS: For those participants who do not wish to attend the different modules of the full Exchange (, conference admission is $350/Exchange Alumni $250. (Note that accommodation and meals are not included in the conference price although we can assist in arranging hotel stays near to the conference center, here, at the Tunis Dauphine Institute.)

June 15 – Morning 1

-Opening Session: Mutations of the Arab Spring (Robert Malley)

-Session 2: North Africa’s Trying Transitions: Libya and Tunisia (Claudia Gazzini and Michael Ayari)

-Session 3: Iran (Ali Vaez)

Afternoon 1

-Session 4: Syria/Lebanon (Noah Bonsey)

-Session 5: Egypt (Yasser El-Shimy, Issandr El-Amrani)

-Session 6: Yemen (April Alley)

July 16 – Morning 2

-Session 7: The New Sectarianism (Joost Hiltermann)

-Session 8: Israel/Palestine (Rob Blecher, Azmi Keshawi)

-Session 9: Iraq (Maria Fantappie)

Afternoon 2

-Session 10: US Media and the Middle East (Kimberly Abbott)

-Closing Session: Professionalisation Workshop (Rob Malley, Rob Blecher, Issandr El-Amrani, Joost Hiltermann)

For more information or to reserve a place, contact or Nicholas Noe at: +21627411584

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