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How Hizbullah saw the strategic picture developing around it… and acted

This translated today from

I think it is probably mostly accurate! [A NOTE ON THIS POST – I do not necessarily think that hizbullah’s analysis of the situation was actually true to the facts on the ground. The point is that it seems likely they BELIEVED this was the strategic window they were facing.]

“…According to the available data made available for the party, the radical groups were going to establish a Syrian “border strip” under its control and with a dimension extending into Ersal and Wadi Khaled after controlling the villages inhabited by the Lebanese there and displacing their inhabitants… Similarly, the party was closely following on the attempts of the armed groups to control the Damascus Airport and the roads leading to it… The party made a connection between all these givens and was thus able to complete the puzzle and to highlight the picture of the offensive plan aimed at gradually pressuring and cornering the Resistance by seizing the land and air outlets representing its vital lung. Thus, the party realized that hesitation can do no good and that it must move from just reacting into acting. It thus took the initiative of acting in Al-Qusayr…”


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May 29, 2013 at 1:04 am

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