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Nasrallah’s speech prepares the ideological field for an expanded conflict

Many important points from Narallah’s speech. Hopefully will have some time for thoughts on bolded points and more tomorrow.

I see this speech as the final salvo in Nasrallah’s appeal to reason to his base (and beyond). He has set the field well for establishing Hizbullah’s two year relationship to the syria crisis as a reasoned and careful approach (whether this is true or not is a totally different issue – I happen to believe there is SOME truth in how he cast matters…. SOME only). He left his constituents with the clear sense – I think – that they tried, they tried their best…. but the other side wanted total victory and total war.

His appeal at the end – that the enemies of Hizbullah never really understood them and therefore continually made bad calculations – rings particularly true when you look at Hizbullah’s perception in Israel and the US.

I can say from experience that many US officials I met over the last two years really got this one very very wrong when it came to understanding how Hizbullah was going to act and perceive matters.

Now everyone will have to deal with the terrible consequences it seems.

Nasrallah has effectively lined up his people for war – ideologically, intellectually and spiritually.

Hizbullah, he claimed, has done its best according to shariah even, to avoid this next stage. But great powers wanted conflict, brought in the takfiris and now there is compelling national threat and a compelling rationale for hizbullah cadres falling across the border, and likely soon, within Lebanon and southwards (one suspects).


“…I will now move to the second file. Undoubtedly, the talk about it is very sensitive and very delicate, and places us in front of a completely new phase; yes, a completely new phase. Brothers and sisters, what is happening in Syria is very important and very crucial for Lebanon, and for our present and future. As I said at the beginning, let us now not try to deceive ourselves, bury our heads in the sand, or deal with the events in Syria as though we were living in Djibouti. No, we are here, on the border.

God willing, we are brave enough to speak, and we are brave enough to act. Therefore, let us speak today with the required frankness at a critical historic moment. Let me begin with a very quick reminder.

From the beginning of the events, we had a clear political stand. We said the popular demands for reform were right. We said that this [Syrian] regime has important and positive points, especially regarding the issue of resistance, and that it has negative points and shortcomings. We said what was required was reform. The road to reform is political dialogue. We said nobody must aim guns or bullets at each other, neither by the regime nor by the opposition. We also know what Syria means to Lebanon, the region, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the resistance movements, and the Palestine question.

Despite our moderate capabilities as a party, we and I personally have good and major relations with our brothers on the regional level. From the first day, I have worked with President Bashar al-Asad and with other personalities and parties in the opposition to arrive early at a political dialogue and a political settlement. I bear witness that President Al-Asad accepted, but the opposition refused. To everyone who asks about the issue from the sharia and religious point of view, the current Syrian leadership has consistently accepted from the early stages to sit at the negotiating table to arrive at a political settlement. It accepted to introduce substantive reforms into the regime. However, the opposition continues to reject dialogue up to this day. It rejected it from the first day on the hope that the regime would fall within a few months. It built on certain data, and imagined that those supported by America, France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Europe, oil! Arab countries, Turkey, etcetera, will definitely prevail within a few months or a few weeks. That was a misjudgement.

In any case, events developed over the past two years and it was quickly evident that an axis was being formed from all the nations I have just mentioned. That axis is led by America. The first and foremost decisionmaker in that axis is the United States of America. The British, French, Italians, Germans, Arabs, Turks, and all others work for the Americans. All of us know that this axis is implicitly supported by Israel. This is because America’s sole project in the region is Israel. There is no other American project in the region except for the Israeli project.

Al-Qa’idah and takfiri organizations were involved in this project. They were paid money and offered facilities from all over the world. Nobody should try to convince us that those tens of thousands of takfiri fighters, those who have extremist thought and who reject anything but themselves, came to Syria stealthily. The truth is that those were given entry visas, were offered facilities, and doors were opened to them to get into Syria. A world media, political, diplomatic, economic, and financial war was launched on Syria, where tens of thousands of fighters were financed and armed from all over the world. The tens of thousands of fighters did not annoy the so-called friends of Syria in Amman two days ago. However, the intervention of a small group of Hezbollah in Lebanon was considered a foreign intervention. We had not intervened throughout the past period, until a few months ago. I want to be honest with you. We conti! nued to work with all parties. We tried to convince them that Syria will be destroyed and will be lost and that there is no solution except through dialogue. We employed all our relations with Islamic and national forces and with states. Yet, there was no response.

The other axis is determined to continue with the battle to the end. There is no talk about dialogue. They have no alternative but the toppling of the regime, no matter what and irrespective of the price. I know that reasonable proposals and appropriate and reasonable settlements have been offered for two years. Those were implicitly accepted by the Syrian leadership. They are still secret up to now. Those settlements were proposed to regional countries and were rejected. That was because those states cannot tolerate the survival of this regime in anyway whatsoever. Let Syria be destroyed. What matters for them is the removal of this regime. That continued to be the case until we arrived in the past few months at the following analysis: There were changes in Syria. What is the real outcome of the past two years? There is an opposition abroad. We do not accuse all of them. There are people who do not have connections and who have logic and vision. They demand r! ights and they are open to dialogue. This is their normal right and we respect this right. This is part of the Syrian opposition. The other part is different, brothers.

The other part consists of employees for the CIA, the Pentagon, and for various intelligence services. They cannot decide for themselves. This is as far as the external opposition is concerned. On the ground, there are territories which the state has vacated or from which the state has been evicted. These territories have become under the control of the armed groups. Does the external opposition have an influence on these groups? Do those who will go for the discussions in Geneva have an influence on those armed groups?

The West, the Arabs, the intelligence services, the mass media, and me and you know the following fact: We know that the biggest force and dominant trend among the armed groups in control on the ground is the takfiri trend. Those abroad do not have any influence on any of those groups. Nobody has an influence on them. At any rate, I mentioned previously that they were brought to be fought with, and they will later pay the price. They will pay the price of any settlement in Syria. The Western nations seem to be perplexed about this quick shift among the Syrian armed groups. How can they justify to their peoples and public opinion giving arms to people of this type? This colour has begun to become dominant over the domestic armed opposition. It is financed and armed by a number of Arab and regional states. These Arab states want to get rid of the regime and of these groups as well. They facilitate their departure from their own countries, but they are mindless o! f the day when they return to their countries, having gained combat experience, greater voracity for slitting throats and killing, and greater readiness for all forms of confrontation. Leave this for later.

This is how we see things today. This is what is on ground today. Brothers and sisters, and all those who are listening to us in the Arab and Islamic world: The issue is no longer an issue of people rebelling against a regime. It is no longer an issue of reforms. The man is ready for reforms and calls for dialogue. Rather, the issue has become something completely different.

I will now clearly discuss our vision, on which we build our action and conduct regarding what is taking place in Syria. We consider the takfiri groups’ control over Syria or certain Syrian governorates, especially those adjacent to the Lebanese border, poses a serious threat to Lebanon and to all the Lebanese people, not just Hezbollah. I will talk without prevarication. These groups do not only pose a threat to Hezbollah or the Shi’is in Lebanon, but rather a threat to Lebanon, the Lebanese people, the Lebanese state, the Lebanese resistance, and the coexistence in Lebanon. I have proof. I am not accusing those groups unjustly. If those groups manage to specifically control the governorates adjacent to the Lebanese border, then they will pose a threat to the Lebanese, both Muslims and Christians.




“You — I mean they not you — do not understand this resistance, the masses of this resistance, the environment of this resistance, or the culture of this resistance. You have not understood it during the past 30 years and you will never understand it because you always understand things wrongly and calculate things wrongly. Therefore, you get wrong results. Wrong beginnings lead to wrong results.

“Dear brothers and sisters, we are facing a completely new phase that started a few weeks ago; it is the phase of fortifying the resistance and protecting its back, and fortifying Lebanon and protecting its back, and this is everybody’s responsibility. I do not ask anybody to share responsibility with us, but everyone should shoulder his responsibility, and we do not want to rely on anybody. We are the people of this battle as we were in all previous battles. We are its men and we are the makers of its victories, God willing…”


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