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How Hizbullah is adapting via its engagements in Syria

This is a particularly negative development if you are the Israeli army because it means Hizbullah is gaining a wealth of tactical experience, honing its units especially the post 2006 recruits and otherwise readying for a conflict that the IDF can only simulate for now (or launch from the safe distance of a jet).

I suspect this al-rai story is generally plausible.

Translated today by our service.


On May 24, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily carried the following report: “Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah will be making an appearance tomorrow Saturday on the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of the Israeli pullout from South Lebanon. He is expected to be saying some very important things concerning the controversial issues that he will be addressing.

“From Al-Qusayr to the Golan to Geneva 2 and the terrorism lists: there will be several headlines that Nasrallah will likely address in light of his forces’ participation in the massive battles in Al-Qusayr and his previous allusion to the inclusion of Golan in the fights in addition to the diplomatic action around Syria and the European tendency to blacklist Hezbollah’s military wing.

“Al-Rai learned that Nasrallah will be defending his party’s choice to take part in the Syrian fights and that he will be alluding to the others’ interferences including regional Arab and western countries…Persons close to Nasrallah toned down the importance of “the time factor or the human losses in a battle that will see no stepping back no matter what the price is…” Al-Rai also learned that prominent Hezbollah commanders went to the land of the battle in Al-Qusayr to oversee the process of the “crucial confrontation” there…

“One of these commanders told Al-Rai that “the high human toll among the party’s members was due to the dash during the first wave of attacks in an attempt at achieving a quick progress and concluding the Al-Qusayr battle as fast as possible.” He added that his forces “re-organized themselves after learning their lesson and the progress is now being achieved in a methodological and well thought-out manner thus leading to the least possible amount of losses.” He added that the “special Syrian forces arrested a large number of Lebanese people who responded to the Jihad calls in Syria and their fate remains unknown.”

“… A prominent Hezbollah leader told Al-Rai that “now that the Golan front has been linked to the Shebaa Farms, Al-Gajar, and Al-Sheikh Mountain, the war with Israel will definitely take place sooner or later…” He added that “Hezbollah will not be entering the battle alone and Syria will also not be entering the battle alone. The front is now a unified one. Therefore, if Israel was to venture into a war, it will most certainly return to the stone age that Lebanon had been used to during its wars with Israel.”

“He also indicated that “Hezbollah and Syria will not be launching a sudden war. The enemy is the party that has always taken the initiative of launching the attacks. Therefore, dealing a blow to any airport will be confronted with a blow against an airport and train stations; and dealing a blow to an electricity plant will be confronted by dealing blows to the infrastructure…”

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