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Golan Heights likely next strike point for a push back by the Resistance Axis

Translated today by, this Al-Rai al-Aam story, which always has meaty stories on Hizbullah that often turn out to have credence, is important because it represents the most important move, I think, post Israel strike on Mt. Qassyoun: the Golan is open after the next strike to the same kind of small but painful, not quite attributable “response” attacks which will put Israel in a pickle and which syria (and iran and hizbullah) perfected for so many decades.

Indeed, the best response after the last Israeli strike was a painful military blow to the IDF in occupied golan by a “mysterious” group. It now looks like the resistance axis is gearing up for and telegraphing precisely that!


“The prominent Hezbollah source also said that “Israel announced that it has bombarded weapons belonging to Iran and Hezbollah. This means that it has launched a war against Iran and Hezbollah…” He also revealed that “directions have been given [to the party’s fighters] to consider that the areas of Shebaa, the Kfarshouba Hills (in South Lebanon) and the Syrian Golan heights form one triangle and one area for operations…”

“The source added that “Hezbollah has recently started to study the deployment of the enemy and its fighting arrangements as well as the settlement areas…” The source indicated that “the Golan area will represent a wide target for the operations, traps, and counter traps as part of the upcoming war.” He revealed that “President Al-Assad gave clear indications to establish a Syrian resistance force similar to Hezbollah. This force will consist of units that have been prepped and trained to on gang-style fighting following the 2006 war. The training started immediately following the Israeli raid against Damascus…””

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May 21, 2013 at 12:44 am

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