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The Israelis (Probably) Don’t Get It: The Discursive Shift Today in the Resistance Axis is Important and Meaningful on the Field

There is much to say about the unprecedented statement by Bashar, the Iranian “warnings” reported to Jordan and the multiple reports that the Resistance Axis will now spill Israeli blood somewhere in a limited fashion: There is a discursive and practical shift underway as a result of the growing conflict over and above Syria.

The discursive one is the one I am most interested in – the field operations may or may not transpire and they will in all liklihood carry some important degree of deniability, be limited and make a smashing Israeli response very difficult.

Bashar is in the process of totally upending the relationship that his father set in place for so many years. Bashar of course did that from the start of his tenure in 2000, especially after 2006, but this process is now in final motion, I believe. Put it together with some of the aesthetic factors between Nasralah and Khamene’i and what we have is a rough balancing operation between the three main Resistance powers.

This is significant because they are consolidating, strengthening, hunkering down whereas their opponents aims, tactics and relations are fracturing to a greater extent.

This is a crucial dynamic, one pushed forward aggressively by Bashar’s “shift” (more like a maturation) today.

It is also a very smart two-headed response to the force and pressure against the Axis I think…. but really the only smart response available.


“We have decided to give them everything,” the newspaper quoted him as saying, without elaborating.

“For the first time we feel that we and they are living in the same situation and they are not just an ally we help with resistance,” he said.

“We have decided that we must move forward towards them and turn into a nation of resistance like Hizbullah, for the sake of Syria and future generations.”

Assad was quoted as saying Syria could “easily” respond to Israeli air strikes by “firing a few rockets at Israel.”

“But we want strategic revenge, by opening the door of resistance and turning all of Syria into a country of resistance.”

“After the strike, we are convinced that we are fighting the enemy now, we are pursuing its soldiers deployed throughout our country,” he said, in apparent reference to rebel forces, which the regime has accused of being allied with Israel.


On Tuesday, Salehi made a quick visit to Jordan where he imparted to Jordanian King Abdullah “a clear and unequivocal message of Iran’s strong commitment to protect Assad and Syria,” according to the same Iranian source.

“You must be aware that if the US decides to go to war with Syria, your kingdom will go in the process,” the message declared. It warned the Jordanian king of the “American trap that threatens your throne and will wipe Jordan off the map.”

“The Islamic Republic is ready to provide you what you need in face of pressures and to avoid the conflict being transferred inside Jordan,” the message relayed. It concluded by maintaining “Iran’s willingness to transfer Jordan to our camp, if you had the will to do so.”


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