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The Big Choice Now: War or Settlement?

I wonder if we are all now finally at the turning point where a series of major decisions must be made, can no longer be escaped, papered over, contained etc?

Have we gone beyond the nice detached (when not drone striking) Obama box where he is FORCED to make a major decision about war?

For four years (ok really since the july 2006 war) the war between the resistance axis and israel/usa/sunni monarchies etc – throw some more sides in there – seemed quite likely.

The sides have now been pushed so far that I would argue ONLY a courageous, far sighted decision by the US to engage in a wide ranging total political settlement vis a vis the resistance axis is possible to stop the march to war which many of the sides desire – including some in the US and undoubtedly many in the resistance axis (lets not even consider the Israelis for a minute!)

Obama is confronted by an incredible stew of negative factors – Andrew Exum’s balance of terror which stayed the climactic war is now breaking down and this was the ONLY “positive” restraint. Indeed, this breakdown was always going to be the case if matters proceeded on the track of more and more violence and compulsion instead of negotiation, concessions and smart strategies to drain the matrix of violence and the desire for violence.

Time is running out – make a tough decision Barry, because this war which is nearer and nearer is going to wrack incredible damage.

Written by nickbiddlenoe

May 5, 2013 at 5:44 pm

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