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Andrew Tabler’s Advice: The US should have started a war in Syria a long time ago

Now that matters are accelerating towards a wider war – something that has indeed been a distinct possibility over the past 4 years and especially over the last year – it bears repeating the essential obtuseness of the WINEP/Tabler/Neo-LiberalCon advice on Syria – advice which has thankfully long been discarded by some important policymakers and a range of analysts in DC as empty armchair warrior nonsense. As Tabler intimates to the NYT below, his position has long been that the US and others should have accelerated the quality and quantity of violence much much earlier against the regime, and that the failure to do this meant that instability, jihadists and chaos was only going to grow, to the point we now see clearly.

It’s really incredible that journos still digest this perspective, because even with NO understanding of the Middle East, one just has to remember that the Assad regime and the Resistance Axis was much much stronger 2 years ago, 1 year ago etc.

Tabler’s position is essentially that the US and allies should have more directly fought Assad WHEN IT WAS MANIFESTLY in a far better position tactically and strategically, armed with chemical weapons, more conventional forces, greater support etc.

It just does not add up, but sadly it still circulates:

“The problem here is we react so slowly,” said Andrew J. Tabler, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “There have been many well-thought-out plans, but they address a certain context. Then the context changes, we see the situation as rapidly deteriorating, and the recommendations are no longer so finely tuned.”


The Samson Option – the NYT piece here also captures where this conflict is going – towards greater irrationality as the level of violence accelerates and backs are pushed against the wall: “…As Mr. Obama contemplates his response, his advisers are trying to determine why Syria would use such weapons. The Syrian military, while strained, still appears capable of making rational decisions about how and where to deploy forces. It is currently engaged in fierce and ostensibly successful offensives in the Damascus area and in Homs Province. Moreover, two alleged massacres in the past week demonstrated that pro-government militias using knives and guns were capable of inflicting many times the deaths attributed to chemical weapons so far.

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May 5, 2013 at 12:38 pm

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