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Israeli airstrike in Syria: The NYT interviews…. Two Israelis

This is why the NYT articles are interesting not as analysis or new pieces but in deciphering the information war contours. These two NYT journalists here interview WINEP and Speyer for analysis – basically they talked to the Israelis about the Israelis, with some extra “clarity” and restraint from the unnamed USA officials (it’s interesting when you think of it how the Israelis are treated sometimes in the US media in almost the same, though glowing of course, colonialist terms – i.e. these rough middle easterners, here are the level headed American officials to offer the real balance….)

I also enjoyed how the NYT unambiguously said that the SA missiles were destroyed the last time around.

But the moment of clarity was when you could understand that neither the Israelis nor the americans are particularly SURE about whether the missiles struck were going to Hizbullah – this is interesting because it represents the lack of deep intel on the ground in syria and lebanon. The warehouse was “controlled” by iranian qods force people, the nyt says via the US official. But they have no idea if the good were going anywhere.

It is easy – relatively – to have watchers who spot iranians…. but it seems hizbullah’s enemies are not sure about much more than that.

Not a good sign if the israelis are to do better than their disasterous 2006 war on Hizbullah.







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