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I believe most of this story on Nasrallah and Hizbullah

These Al-Rai al-Aam stories almost always prove to be pretty right on…. Translated today by our folks.

What is the most likely here – as I and others have been saying since summer 2011 – is that the preferred DC “controlled collapse” project was always going to lead at some point to a resistance axis military push back – and I believe ultimately a major escalation, given the uncontrollable nature of this trajectory and the underlying issues. This is the main thrust of the story.

Remember that a strong hold on Reason in the minds of cadres, supporters and publics is a VITAL leg of the Resistance – and now, Hizbullah is making clear that the border villages and religious sites are Reason and Morality and indeed Duty – that is the point of the recent statements.

This story makes it clear – the push back is now in process. It will manifestly grow.


On April 21, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily carried the following report: “What happened during the consultations conducted by Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah in Iran recently? And what are the outcomes of his meetings with the Higher Guide, Sayed Ali Khamenei and the commander of the Jerusalem Battalion at the Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Kassem Suleimani and the other officials…?

“Highly informed Iranian sources told Al-Rai that the most important part of Sayyed Nasrallah’s meetings in Tehran consisted of discussing the global and strategic vision concerning the situation in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran and taking advantage of the positive Russian attitude and the fact that it intersects with the interests of this axis.

“The sources…added that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah received a major welcome in Iran almost like the welcome received by the Higher Guide, Sayyed Ali Khamenei, which reflects the exceptional importance of the man’s role.” The same sources indicated that the situation in Syria obtained a major part in the meetings and the outcomes where the situation was addressed from several angles:”

“- The religious sites in Syria: the meeting’s participants discussed the significant footage carried by Takfiri groups on the social media websites and their calls to “demolish the idols…” Therefore, the meeting participants agreed on protecting all the religious sites in Syria in an unequivocal manner.

“- The Syrian opposition was deemed a tool in the hand of the higher interests and the neighboring countries and an echo of the American politics. According to the Iranian sources, the participants agreed on dealing with the opposition by using force…by enabling the regime to achieve victories on the ground.

“- The parties that took part in the meetings in Tehran agreed on moving from a state of defense to a state of offense in Syria in response to the British, French, American,Turkish and Gulf support for the opposition

“These sources quoted prominent Iranian generals who said that “…Iran can send hundreds of thousands of troops to Syria in order to defend the Al-Assad regime and to protect its part in the Reluctance Axis in the event that the West was to proceed with supporting the armed men…” The highly informed Iranian sources revealed that “the participants praised Iraq’s role in preventing the Takfiris from using the Iraqi lands…”

“The sources also spoke an “imminent and likely” war with Israel in light of the consultations conducted by the American president Barack Obama with the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jordanian King Abdullah II during Obama’s visit to the region… As for Lebanon, the sources said that the meeting participants gave Sayyed Nasrallah the freedom to run the situation in Lebanon as the case has been for a long time now…

“Despite the secrecy that surrounded Hezbollah’s Secretary General’s visit to Iran, a Hezbollah official told Al-Rai that “Sayyed Nasrallah has never lived in a hole or under the ground…” The official added that “it is an ignorant thing to say that the Secretary General does not move since Sayyed Nasrallah had moved on several times to the Bekaa, Baalbeck, and the South…because he needs to be in the field and to look at the situation in person…””

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