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Al-Qaeda in Syria: If only Obama had started a massive regional war….

A very important intellectual tap dance will now follow the significant announcement by An-Nusra: the neoliberal Cons and straight neo-cons (as well as peace lovers who thought an accelerated war in syria was a good idea) will now claim – as Michael Young has for 2 years now – that it was the reluctance of Obama and others to start a massive war early on – nay in the first few months of the revolt! – which led to the growth of sunni extremists/al-qaeda on everyone’s doorstep.

The argument has always been ridiculous and usually proffered only by armchair warriors in their comfortable confines and with great passport options: Think about it…. they believe that Obama and others should have massively, directly attacked or let others massively, directly attack when Bashar was much much stronger had clearer control and rationale vis a vis his WMDs, the rationale to the world and region (and law) was much much weaker and the likelihood of Iran and Hizbullah joining the fray for their ally was much much greater.

WINEP folks like Andrew Tabler, Schenker and others will be going hard on this line now even though it looked ridiculous to most sensible US officials back then, thankfully.

Not that the obama strategy to do not much and let others rachet up the violence to this point was great either, of course…





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April 10, 2013 at 4:43 pm

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