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Hizbullah fighters in Syria: The gains

It is quite possible at this point that Hizbullah has lost more fighters and cadres in the Syria conflict than in the July 2006 war – and quite possibly fighters of better caliber as it is generally accepted that most of the Hizbullah losses in 2006 were from the village guard units and NOT the more professional, better trained formations.

The defence of Shiite villages and especially shrines/religious  sites is undoubtedly having a positive effect  on recruitment however – moreover, unlike the IDF forces training on fake lebanese villages, selected Hizbullah formations are getting real combat experience. The opportunity for trying out the new fighters raised since 2006 is also a positive development for Hizbullah, even though the losses to date represent a blow of course.

The point is there are various ways you can look at Hizbullah’s involvement in the Syria conflict and see it as a gain for the party – at least in certain respects.


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April 9, 2013 at 10:18 am

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