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Michael Young: Upset that his Arm-Chair, Iraq War Cheerleading has Made it Difficult for Obama to Start a Massive War in Syria

Thank god only ex-Us officials like Feltmen – the brilliant architect of the Cedar Revolution – and the uber smart strategists like Eliot Abrams take Young seriously when it comes to policy making. Here, Young is sad that US officials are wary of triggering a massive war – which Young and some others actually thought was a great idea LIKE TWO YEARS AGO when the syrian regime was much much stronger…. that would have worked out really great Mike.

The irony here is of course – if mike did not have the stupid, bloody immoral iraq war on his CV, then his calls for triggering a syria war might seem genuine – but still obtuse.

However, his armchair quarterbacking from Achrafieh, after he stepped in it with the Iraq conflict, makes everything very contradictory and, well, very illiberal.

H concludes:

“… to many people Obama is above reproach. His inaction has been viewed as laudable prudence, after the George W. Bush years. But the reality is that Obama has behaved shamefully in Syria, and his administration has been lethargic and usually wrong. The president should prepare his apology now, and read it with his Nobel peace prize in the other hand. No image would better illustrate the pointlessness of American behavior in the Syrian conflict.

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April 5, 2013 at 12:43 am

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