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Rare and interesting criticism by Hezbollah’s #2 towards Syrian Regime

Translated tonight in our briefing in full – but two very interesting points:

1) Qassem’s point is well taken indeed – think about it, the gulf states are obviously, proudly and publicly/directly/deeply emeshed in the syrian civil war straight through the country; whereas it is reasonable to believe that Hezbollah’s direct armed involvement is limited geographically (even if this might not turn out to be the full truth). The disconnect here is a useful and strong rationale backing hezbullah position in multiple public spheres I suspect

2) He sounds like Nasrallah after the 1993 killings of shiite protesters by pro syrian security forces, or in general like the not so subtle critique of hizbullah towards the assad dynasty: by the end of the piece he BLAMES the assad government for incompetency and neglect. An interesting rhetorical turn perhaps.


On March 10, the independent Al-Anbaa newspaper carried the following report by Adnan ar-Rached, Muhammad al-Hussein and Daoud Rammal: “Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Na’im Qassem exceptionally breached the decision not to deliver any media statements to media outlets, after such statements were limited to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on various occasions…

“Regarding the newly-issued position of the GCC in regard to self-distancing vis-a-vis the Syrian crisis – one which the GCC does not believe it is serious – Sheikh Qassem said that the Cooperation Council had the right to say whatever it wanted, but that Lebanon as a government, and Hezbollah which is part of that government adopted the self-distancing decision and the necessity of keeping Lebanon away from direct intervention in Syria… [He continued:] “We adopt this proclaimed position, along with the government and all the Lebanese. But it is unacceptable for some to be upset about political positions and expressions…, at a time when some states are fully implicated in the Syrian crisis through armament, training, funding and interference on all levels…

“[He added:] “Unfortunately, this is one of the consequences of Sykes-Picot. These Lebanese nationals are Sunnis, Shi’is and Christians, but most of them are Shi’is and their numbers amount to around 30,000. The latter were subjected to attacks and immense pressures in Al-Qusayr and its surrounding regions in Homs, and we feared they would be displaced inside the Lebanese territories or subjected to threats, especially in light of the kidnappings and killings that targeted them… We believed it was our duty as Hezbollah to help the latter protect their villages and towns, so that they can stay in them and are not displaced to Lebanon. We thus provided them with training, arms and help and we announced that to the public. We do not consider that this is interference in Syrian affairs. Quite the contrary, we blame the Syrian state for not doing anything to help its citizens who are present on Syrian soil…””


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