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Dexter Filkins Info Ops piece does its job: House of Saudi monarchy media just has to add some flavor

Just as one small little piece of supporting evidence to see how Dexter Filkins New Yorker piece on Hezbollah – errors and journo duping detailed here – gets dutifully injected into the ongoing information operations war, check out this hilarious stretch piece by Al-Arabiya (owned by the liberal, democracy promoting Saudi monarchy) which uses his piece in an even clearer polemical manner, even managing to stretch Filkin’s own badly stretched accusations, source, implications (my favorite parts in bold):


[Al-Arabiya – Adel Al Toraifi] In a lengthy report published by the New Yorker magazine this week, the famous journalist Dexter Filkins wrote about the growing concerns within Hezbollah circles [emphasis on multiple circles and not just the sole, anonymous DANY] about the ongoing civil war in Syria, where the Assad regime is fighting for survival with the support of its allies in Iran, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Filkins, who spent some time in Beirut’s southern suburbs and in the border regions adjacent to Syria, was able to talk with some Hezbollah fighters and even attended the memorial services of some elements who had died while fighting alongside the Syrian regime in its efforts to quell the uprising.

‘We’re next’

 The picture portrayed by Filkins reflects a party feeling threatened and anxious as the Syrian warfare approaches its own strongholds 

The report quotes one Hezbollah commander as saying: “If Bashar goes down we’re next”. Elsewhere, Filkins quotes another leader acknowledging that a Hezbollah commander has died in Syria “performing his jihad duties” [ Ha! this was not a source but the PUBLIC speech of Saiffedine!]. Later on, another party source contends, “The Arab countries are spending money to destroy Syria and Hezbollah.” [SAME DANY SOURCE!]

The picture portrayed by Filkins reflects a party feeling threatened and anxious as the Syrian warfare approaches its own strongholds. There is a state of self-containment and mistrust among the Hezbollah leadership [very juicy!], with nihilistic tendencies dominating all discussions and talk of a final battle and death before surrender. For more than two years Hezbollah the party has tried to distance itself—in the media—from the course of events in neighboring Syria, while its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has launched statements in support of his Syrian ally, calling for “resistance” and opposition to the Israeli enemy. However, this rhetoric has not succeeded in justifying Nasrallah’s position towards the human suffering that the Syrian regime has caused.


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