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In light of Benjamin Lambeth rehashing his article on the use of air power in the July 2006 Lebanon war for INSS in Israel this week, well it is worth t to look again at how he got his RAND report quite wrong, in my view

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I particularly enjoyed Nasrallah’s speech the other night for ONE reason: his choice to rebut (along with loads of other pieces of evidence and argument he did not raise) the central myth (yes I am convinced it is a myth) of the July 2006 war: that the IDF in a bold 34 minute air operation, destroyed up to 90% of Hizbullah long and medium range rocket power (the various iterations of the myth have somewhat different pronouncements).

Benjamin S. Lambeth wrote an extremely problematic ode to airpower for RAND last year called “Air Operations in Israel’s War Against Hezbollah, Learning from Lebanon and Getting It Right in Gaza,” which quite unfairly and illogically sought to discredit William Arkin’s much more rigiorous and convincing study for the Journal of Small Wars called “Divining Victory: Airpower in the 2006. Israel-Hezbollah War” (google em!).

This is Lambeth’s argument which Nasrallah put front and…

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