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The Tunisian PM Resigns

I have – like Dexter Filkins at the New Yorker – very little right with my extremely broken tunisian and americanized french and one year here only, to say much about the resignation of the Tunisian Premier from Nahda…. Except.

I am sorry – all the conspiracy theory folks arguing against nahda, against jebeli, against any form of sincerity in any islamists (practically)… really against the idea that people of faith can have real disagreements and splits within parties that represent them – and moreover that THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES within people of faith in parties….. well, this knee jerk crowd of self-satisfied complacents have got served their just desserts tonight: here is a person who took a brave step, made an ultimatum and CARRIED THROUGH WITH THIS ULTIMATUM. His line of thinking is REAL, it is a challenge to MANY  (and not just to Nahda) and it represents a well considered, honest choice of a man you was jailed and suffered – as many LEFTISTS and Nahda and simple non political citizens did.

His resignation is – in my outsider opinion – a beautiful move, political perhap/sure, but skilled, humble and powerful. If more of the leaders we have met here and beyond – including in the US – were willing to act as the ex-PM did tonight, well, it would be a lot harder to introduce violence into these difficult times.


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February 19, 2013 at 9:06 pm

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