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Marc Lynch debunks the bad option of arming the syrian rebels/Leaves out the negotiate option

Marc has an excellent short piece in FP where he picks apart the case to arm the syrian rebels. The problem for me is that he is still stuck with a lack of “robust” alternative strategies that can really truly affect the current situation and the ongoing dark tunnels everyone is headed. He concludes:

“…That’s not to say there isn’t more the United States can be doing. I do think the administration missed a major opportunity to rapidly funnel significant humanitarian aid and non-lethal support through the National Coalition it laboriously helped construct, in order to give them something to offer Syrians on the ground. Fixing that should be a priority. The ever-escalating disaster in Syria cries out for more effective international diplomacy, vastly more humanitarian support for refugees and the displaced, and more work to strengthen the political structures of the opposition. Efforts should be focused on such initiatives, rather than on a poorly conceived Option C which drags the United States deeper into an abyss with no real prospect of victory.”

— The Obama admin should vigorously encourage, with Russian and Iranian backing, a serious negotiations framework and effort…With Assad and his evil regime.

This is smart in terms of the strategic picture for US interests (and a bunch of other folks’ interests) AND IT IS ALSO THE MORALLY RIGHT course to take.

Indeed: Remember in early 2011 when the NYT quoted a Syrian oppositionist as saying perhaps 1 million syrians might need to die for freedom? Is this morally righteous, really? And who gets to decide?

The Assad regime and the resistance axis has been weakened. Take those chits, NOW, cash them in and stop the bloodshed and the every likely slide into a “Samson” Scenario where one of the major chemical weapons states (now essentially a chemical weapons family) can and will bring the temple down on everyone if the tipping points comes.

This would be the real strategic and moral disaster – now is the time to get behind the real OPTION A – but the obama folks must do more proactively – IN SHORT THEY MUST  – OBAMA MUST – take a political risk, have some courage and go in the direction that he and some US officials know is the best and right course to take.

Not sure if, even with a second term, he is there…yet. But time is running out.


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February 16, 2013 at 6:50 pm

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