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Aounist-US Rapprochement… Finally in the Works?

I have written a bunch in the past that Ambassador Feltman and the Bush Administration’s policy of isolating and pressuring the Aounists right into the hands of hizbullah in the critical May 2005-January 2006 period was one of the stupidest moves by the Neo-Liberal Cons in Lebanon. The alliance endures and is significant for Hizbullah,  –  in contradiction to all of those predictions early on that the alliance would NOT last… and still the Aounists are essentially still under executive order sanction… Yep that is right, the most popular christian party in the middle east, under sanction by the US instead of engagement, rapprochment and active coordination… and in an alliance with the supposedly worst terror group in the world – according to the US and Israel (the “A-TEAM).

The Aoun-Nasrallah alliance is february 2006 was but ONE of the glaring examples of the failure of the ceder revolution policy by feltman and the bush folks.

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On February 8, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily carried the following report: “For the fourth time in a period of a few months, a prominent official from the Free Patriotic Movement, which is affiliated to the Lebanese MP General Michel Aoun, will be visiting the American capital. The visit aims at convincing the American sides of the need to increase the level of cooperation between the movement and Washington in regards to the Lebanese and Middle Eastern affairs.

“…This could be due to the idea that Al-Assad’s Lebanese partners feel that, in the event of the toppling of their regional sponsor in Damascus…, they must work on opening direct lines with Washington in order to guarantee a seat in the upcoming Lebanese and Middle Eastern settlements. American sources believe that the Lebanese official will reiterate the points that he had previously made along with his colleagues – including the Minister of Energy and General Aoun’s son-in-law, Jibran Bassil – during the upcoming visit to the US.

“The “Aounist” points can be summarized as follows: First, the Aounists will be raising the issue of the near end of the Lebanese President’s term next year. They will try to convince the Americans that Michel Aoun is the only candidate that is capable of obtaining a majority in the parliament that will be elected by next June and that the Americans should support his candidacy… Second, the Aounists will reiterate that they are the Chirstians’ salvation platform not only in Lebanon but also in the entire Levant… Third, The Aounists will promise the American officials of granting them the extraction and trade contracts of the natural gas, which is believed to be present in the Lebanese territorial waters.

“Fourth, the Aounists say that one of the main common goals between the Americans and them consists of the “confrontation with the Islamic radicalism” in the region… Fifth, Aoun’s assistants believe they can play a unique role by using their relations with Hezbollah in order to induce a rapprochement between the latter party and Washington… However, the American officials have questioned this “Aounist suggestion” in the past…

“This important surge in the “Aounists’ activities…” falls in the same context of their Lebanese and Iranian partners who are launching political and media campaigns within the American capital for the same purpose… The question now is: who will win the Americans’ hearts first? And who will obtain the biggest settlement and the best chances in the region in the near future…? There are no definitive answers so far. The certain thing however is that the concerned parties, which are currently Washington’s quasi enemies, are competing among each other both publicly and secretly in order to score an agreement with the Americans often on the expense of their adversaries and sometime on the expense of their allies.”


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