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Report from Algerian newspaper: Al-Qa’idah drawing recruits from Tunisia

One can read this piece, translated in our briefing, as part of the Algerian info-ops war; but after the assassination this morning, it takes a somewhat different spin when added to the other, related stories.


February 3, the daily Echourouq al-Yawm reported: “Security sources revealed to Echourouq that the terrorist organization called Al-Qa’idah in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb had succeeded in recruiting scores of Tunisian youths by exploiting the security and religious vacuum in Tunisia since the revolution which toppled Ben Ali’s regime two years ago. A security expert drew similarities between the situation in Tunisia now and with its youths joining terrorist organization and Algeria in the early 1990s. He added that the terrorists had exploited the state of repression in which the Tunisians lived under Ben Ali’s rule and the propagation of extremist religious ideology and promises of paradise and houris to bring in many people, accompanied by Libyans, for training in Tebessa mountains about two years earlier who, subsequently, recruited young people and gave them enough money to join the battalions of the terrorist organization in the Sahel, which are deployed currently in mountainous heights near the Algerian-Malian border, after having been evicted from the towns they controlled in coordination with the Monotheism and Jihad Movement.

“Al-Qa’idah emirs resorted to recruiting Tunisian youths after their rapid failure to attract youths in southern Algeria to join their ranks, despite attempt to play the tune of tribal affiliation and development on more than an occasion. The recruitment of Tunisian youths by the terrorist groups raises fears along the Algerian eastern border where strict security measures have been applied by the security and gendarmeries forces. The area was also inspected by the commander in chief of the National Gendarmerie Forces, Gen Bousteila, a few weeks ago and strict instructions have been given to the forces to act sternly in the eastern border area, including combating of fuel smuggling, a measure which has been felt by citizens.

“The recruitment of Tunisian youths helps to rejuvenate the terrorist battalions in anticipation of terrorist operations in the region since most of the elements of the battalions currently deployed in the Sahel region have grown old.”


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February 6, 2013 at 8:20 pm

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