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“Israel Girds for Attacks as Syria Falls Apart”

This was always the box the Obama administration had helped get US policy and the region into – the worst option which was always going to be the endpoint unless a political deal with Assad, Russia and other was reached.

For all of their bad and sometimes immoral policy recommendations, the neo-LiberalCon analysis was always correct from the start of the crisis and violence: they would get the war they long dreamed of from the Obama policy of malign neglect mixed with violence injected by democracy loving “allies” like Saudi Arabia. It would take time – MUCH longer than people like Andrew Tabler predicted – and 60,000 dead was a “small price” to pay, but eventually the chaos, extreme violence and underlying existence of WMDs in Syria would pave the way – force – the climactic confrontation with Hizbullah, Syria and maybe even, maybe they get their war with Iran. From the NYT, preparing the field:

“Something is happening for sure,” said Ehud Yaari, a senior security analyst with Israel’s Channel 2 News. “Even in Israel, which is usually tense, and the normal nervousness that you have in this country, this is exceptional now.”

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January 28, 2013 at 10:41 am

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