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Defector says Syria’s al-Asad has chemical weapons, willing to use

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Turkish commercial NTV television on 5 January

Defections from the army are taking place even as the clashes between the Al-Asad forces and opposition continue in Syria. Among defectors from the Syrian regime there is also a Syrian general who was responsible for the chemical weapons.

Gen Adnan Silo said that Al-Asad will not refrain from using the existing chemical weapons at the end of the road.

[Gen Silo] Al-Asad has chemical weapons and will not refrain from using them at the end of the road.

[Yetmez] These claims were made by Syrian General Adnan Silo, who defected from the Al-Asad regime. Silo, who was responsible for the chemical weapons when serving in the Syrian army, deserted the Al-Asad regime and joined the opposition some six months ago.

Gen Silo claimed that in addition to chemical weapons the army also has various poisonous gases.

[Gen Silo] The Al-Asad army has various chemical weapons, mostly nerve and mustard gases, that affect the skin. Al-Asad will use these weapons when he realizes he is losing the battle.

[Yetmez] Gen Adnan Silo also spoke about the range of the chemical weapons. According to Silo, the chemical weapons in the possession of Syria could reach neighbouring countries.

[Silo] Short-range chemical weapons are effective over a distance of 50-60 Km, and long-range ones over 100-200 Km. This shows that the weapons could reach neighbouring countries.

[Yetmez] There were claims that the Al-Asad regime used phosphorous bombs in its recent attacks in Homs in which 147 people died.

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