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Michael Young still thinks Mehlis was a great Fox, crusader for justice

Detlev Mehlis was sadly the first of  several “disasters” for the noble cause of the STL. Mike Young, the great Liberalist, still cannot see how some of his heroes (and on occasion his analyses) are sometimes actually the most illiberal – or promote a wholly illiberal turn of events.

He says:

“…The first commissioner of the U.N.’s independent investigative commission, Detlev Mehlis, was conscious of the need to be as transparent as possible with the Lebanese public, which contributed to his work as potential witnesses and therefore needed to feel secure in the effectiveness of the process.

When Mehlis left, the Lebanese were left with Serge Brammertz, who from a public-relations perspective was a disaster…

— Mehlis was so transparent, in fact, that he did not provide a witness protection program (several were murdered), released names involved in the case to journos and others…. and forgot to turn off TRACK CHANGES in the original document he then made public. And lets not forget the wrongly imprisoned suspects, the mess of “false witnesses” etc etc.

Very transparent indeed.

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December 10, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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