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Fisk vs. Baer: eyes wide shut

Robert Fisk says maybe syria has some “rusty” chemical weapons. Even though I oppose the syrian intervention which seems imminent – and advocate a political track now with Bashar – admitting the truth, that Syria has a large and sophisticated stock of chemical weapons and delivery systems, does NOT mean one is buying into the propaganda and the case of war. When robert dismisses the reality in Syria, he is in fact practicing the same form of deception (but from the opposite angle) that he routinely and quite rightly criticizes.

He and others who are following this track of denial need to see how admitting the truth in all its terribleness can and should actually be a case for STOPPING the war.

Bob Baer puts it well in Time:

“…Now that we’ve violated the iron law of covert action — that when there’s no oversight, money and weapons end up in the wrong hands — it’s time to change course. I’d recommend sitting down with all the players in the region, including Iran, to figure out how to cauterize the mess. And in case I haven’t made my point, blindly dumping more arms into the Middle East isn’t going to solve anything.

The story told by the New York Times suggests that, as Syria circles the drain, it behooves us to find out precisely to whom in that country the Gulf Arabs have been sending weapons and money. And equally important is to learn the lesson that it’s always a bad idea to outsource covert action in the Middle East. You’re better off sticking with a hands-off policy – enforcing embargos and sanctions – and letting the chips fall where they may.”

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December 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm

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