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Syria said to be moving chemical weapons…. getting ready for the “controlled collapse”

Well here is yet another indication of why the “controlled” collapse” proponents were always actually traveling down the same road as the pro-war hawks who cannot wait for a giant, climactic confrontation:

“Western intelligence officials have observed what appears to be activity by the Syrian regime at facilities used to house chemical weapons. The New York Times on Sunday quoted a source identified only as a “senior US intelligence official” as saying that the Syrians “are doing some things that suggest they plan to use the weapons. It’s not just moving things around. These are different kinds of activities.” Syrian stockpiles include chemical and biological weapons like sarin, VX and tabun. It is not known whether the regime would use the unconventional weapons against opposition troops or whether its purpose is to deter Western intervention. On Saturday, forces loyal to President Al-Assad bombed rebel-held areas of Damascus as the rebels intensified their activities in and around the capital. The opposition said it would be open to accepting an international peacekeeping force if President Al-Assad stepped-down from his office first. The US administration has been embarrassed by reports that Iraq is key to Assad’s enterprise of re-arming his troops. Rockets, anti-tank missiles, RPGs and mortars are being flown to Syria via Iraq. “

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December 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm

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