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The message of deterrance from South Lebanon and the new balance of terror Hamas has gained (so far)

Here is a clear warning from Hizbullah to Israel yesterday which the Israelis well understand (this happens regularly during flarups) – cut your losses, go to a ceasefire and concede to Hamas…. or else.

“Two 107mm Grad rockets located about 2 miles inside the border and aimed toward Israel were discovered and disarmed by Lebanese security forces on Monday. The Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper quoted an unnamed security source as saying that rockets are often fired into Israel as a sign of solidarity with the Gaza Strip whenever hostilities break out there. If fired, the missiles could have reached 4 to 5 miles into Israeli territory.  Lebanese authorities are continuing to investigate.”

Here too is an indication of how the balance of power is changing in the direction of Hamas:

” Egyptian President Morsy is seen as the lynchpin to mediation efforts. According to reports, Hamas will come away with success in the form of Jerusalem lifting the blockade that has been in effect since Hamas wrested control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah in 2007, including the re-opening of border crossings. Pressure from the international community on Israel to forego a ground invasion has been intense. Emissaries from virtually all of the key Western governments, including the US, have warned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu not to green light his ground troops. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is due in Israel on Tuesday and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will arrive for talks on the situation on Wednesday.”

— Israel is facing a situation of pressure and counter force unprecedented in the last twenty years of battle EXCEPT for its conflict with Hizbullah. Hamas has, apparently, finally finally reach the holy grail of “resistance” groups: a balance of terror (though of course greatly titled!) with continuous fire capacity and diplomatic/media pressure that is clearly having a significant, material impact on the Israelis, limiting their options.


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November 20, 2012 at 1:33 pm

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