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Watching How A Regional War Can Be Set Off

It was of course “only a matter of time” before there was a major escalation/confrontation between Gaza/Hamas and Israel.

It could not, however, have come at a more dangerous moment for the middle east and the great powers. Indeed, nearly all the different aspects one can think of are now ready and auguring for a major regional conflagration. Crucially there is virtually nothing mitigating these factors proactively, in the reverse direction – except for mutually assured destruction and the weakly asserted desire of the US and Europe to not see a conflict.

Moreover, the events in Gaza come at a critical moment for the Resistance Axis: the Syria conflict has steadily eroded that axis; an expanding war with Israel, or even just a fierce one between Gaza and Israel – can help buttress it in many ways.

It now becomes easier, though, to see how the unfolding war in Israel/Palestine can easy draw in Hizbullah – and perhaps quite quickly. This will take but one (albeit big) decision by pressed leadership circles among or within Hizbullah/Iran/Syria or it might just take one small decision by any of the crazy, tiny actors that would like to see such a climactic event unleashed (and that list is quite long). This contingency is frighteningly easy to imagine these days.

Moreover, if you look at the middle east map today, there is just an incredible band of major conflict zones, mutually supportive in some cases, erupting and boiling NOW.

This is another reason why we could very well now be on the verge of the regional war which has increasingly seemed inevitable over the last year or more:

Conflict Zones – territory where there is great instability/regular violence/ or the near term prospects of intervention:

Southern Algeria









Southern turkey




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