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The great fallacy of the Syria Hawks: massive intervention/arms supplies early on would have avoided jihadist mess… and this level of violence!

It is incredible when you read comments like this – which are all to common, especially early on – where the essential logic is (From Asharq al Awsat):

“…One observer who asked for his identity to remain concealed told Asharq al-Awsat that “since the beginning of the crisis, the Syrian regime used the scarecrow of the religious terrorism in order to push the west into abstaining from supporting the opposition. The regime and the western delay [in providing weapons] served to create a suitable environment for growing these seeds within Syria. Had the international interference been quick, these factions would not have emerged.”

MOST of this type of thinking is of course true – the problem is when you get to their last bit, always…. IF ONLY THE intervention had come early… if only more heavier weapons had come early.

The obvious irrationality of this position is but one reason why it thankfully was never implemented by cooler heads – yes, it would have been real smart to invade Syria early on WHEN IT WAS MANIFESTLY STRONGER ON ALL FRONTS, when its WMDs were….etc etc.

But how this logic is still not laughed out of articles now – even though Western governments and intel folks knew how stupid it was and made it clear to journalists how dumb this illogic was – is saddening.



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November 12, 2012 at 9:38 pm

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