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ICG supporting policy of flooding more weapons into Syria?

I dont understand is the International Crisis Group essentially supporting the idea that more weapons coming into the syria theater needs to just be better “managed” – what about attacking the idea of more and better weapons in the first place.

Sadly – this quiet acceptance of the MORE WEAPONS approach is a product of their original approach which said from the very beginning that there is “little the international community can do” in Syria – that the regime was in a “slow motion suicide”…. this was when the poverty of ideas from the non-war side became clear to me, and now look where peace and crisis mitigating groups are ending up – SUPPORTING tacitly and now sometimes openly and proudly the MORE weapons MORE VIOLENCE approach.

They were, I argue, always being led down the path of intervention and war by NOT even discussing or debating a third way out between soft pressure and hard pressure approaches.

They say in their latest report:

“…a bidding war will ensue, and any hope of coordinating the rebels, disciplining them and restraining their most extremist members will be in vain. The issue, in other words, is not so much whether to arm them – and, if so, with what – but rather to rationalise and coordinate the support provided to the opposition in order to make more likely the emergence of a more coherent, structured, rep- resentative and thus effective interlocutor in what, sooner or later, must be a negotiated outcome. Even those who side with the regime would stand to benefit from that development, if they wish to see today’s devastating military stalemate evolve toward a political solution.”

Written by nickbiddlenoe

October 25, 2012 at 10:48 pm

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