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Russia says manpads in Syria theatre

October 24 report from the Russian military news agency Interfax-AVN: “Syrian militants are armed with man-portable antiaircraft missile systems of foreign make, including those made in the USA, Chief of the General Staff Gen Nikolay Makarov has told journalists. “The General Staff has information that the militants, that are fighting against the Syrian government troops, have man-portable antiaircraft missile systems made in various states, including Stinger [man-portable surface-to-air missiles] made in the USA,” Makarov said. Commenting on media reports that Barack Obama’s administration has issued instructions to hand over a batch of man-portable antiaircraft missile systems to the units of the Syrian irreconcilable opposition, Makarov said: “Americans deny that, they say they have not supplied anything to the militants. However, we have reliable information that Syrian militants have foreign portable antiaircraft missile systems, including those made in the USA.” “It should be cleared up who delivered them,” he added. Makarov believes it possible that weapons and munitions, including man-portable antiaircraft missile systems, are supplied to Syrian militants from abroad by various types of transport including by air. “For that, all kinds of transport may be used, civilian airlines among them. This is a serious matter,” he said.”

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October 24, 2012 at 9:07 pm

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