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What about the Syrian rebels using chemical weapons

This issue has BARELY been explored but now, with credible reports of rebel air base takerover and at least one chlorine plant takeover… we must ask a terrible NEW question. What would prevent some fo the small jihadi groups from using these weapons.

It is no longer the regime that one must be scared about…

FROM (oh well, it was a good report, bad org)

“…According to the source, the regime, after discovering that opposition forces had taken over the plant, asked international observers who were in Syria at the time to intervene, fearing that the rebels would use the chlorine for military purposes. The rebels reportedly refused to allow the observers to remove the chlorine tanks from the plant, but agreed to evacuate it and declare it a “sealed zone,” while retaining control of the area where the plant is located.

The daily expressed the Syrian regime’s fear that the chlorine could still be used militarily, since the rebels retain control of the area. The article said: “The opposition still possesses the option of chemical weapons if it chooses to break the promise it made… enter the factory, empty the chlorine gas from the large tanks into [explosive] charges or smaller tanks, and use it for military purposes.”[35]…”

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October 18, 2012 at 9:40 pm

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