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The NeoCon Argument on Syria: War early on would have prevented…. War

The pro-intervention crowd has always held a terrible hand when it comes to Syria. Jackson Diehl epitomizes the position. The Mike Young et al idea is simply: if only american had led a military intervention in Syria EARLIER then everything would have been much better than now.

It does not take much to realizes how obtuse this notion is (yes a war early on against an un-degraded Assad/Syria would have been a GREAT idea), but somehow they still peddle it:

“…By then Syria was already tipping into civil war. The State Department’s Syria experts recognized the peril: If Assad were not overthrown quickly, they warned in congressional testimony, the country could tip into a devastating sectarian war that would empower jihadists and spread to neighboring countries. But Obama rejected suggestions by several senators that he lead an intervention. Instead he committed a second major error, by adopting a policy of seeking to broker a Syrian solution through the United Nations. “The best thing we can do,” he said last March, “is to unify the international community…”

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October 16, 2012 at 12:41 pm

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